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mixed users.registerOrUpdateV2 ( int vhost, array userData, string loginKey = 'username', bool activate = false, bool sendEmail = false, bool genCode = false, bool sendSMS = false, string recaptchaToken = false, bool returnUserInfo = false, bool login = false )


NameTypeRequiredDefault valueDescription
vhostintRequirednoneThe id of the vhost.
userDataarrayRequirednoneAn array of user data as described in users.register (http://developer.newspark.ca/mediadetail/5547189?groupId=11699&top=11699).
loginKeystringOptional'username'Specify which field should be used to check for an existing user. Valid options are phone/email/username/external_id with external_id_provider.
activateboolOptionalfalseActivate user automatically
sendEmailboolOptionalfalseSend user an email
genCodeboolOptionalfalseCreate an activation code.
sendSMSboolOptionalfalseSend the activate code to the user via SMS
recaptchaTokenstringOptionalfalseTo be used to validate against recaptcha key in project settings
returnUserInfoboolOptionalfalseIf true it will return an array of userinfo, otherwise only the id will be returned
loginboolOptionalfalseIf true, will return active session token

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