Quick Start Guide

Assets are the static files that your application uses such as images, custom JavaScripts, custom CSS or anything else you might need.

There are two ways to manage your assets: the Asset Manager web interface in Media Factory and via WebDAV.

The Asset Manager can be accessed via Applications > Assets in Media read more »


Backing up your Contest is easy.

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Editing Templates

The Media Factory CMS includes a basic template editor that uses file locking and records that last edit by time and user. The editor is accessed via the applications tab in Media Factory. The web-based editor may not provide an ideal experience for a developer working for many hours on customizing the application. If you prefer read more »

Quick Start Guide

Your contest was likely installed for you, and may also be configured. Here is a quick run-down of everything you need to do to get the Contest loaded up into a browser error-free:

  1. Read the System Overview
  2. Set up Responding Domains
  3. Create read more »
System Overview

Media Factory has the features and tools to power your UGC Contest. The following topics will help you learn more about how you can use Media Factory to get your project up and running.

Watch the Mediafactory overview video


All Media Factory applications consist of read more »

System Updates and Application Upgrades

The Media Factory system consists of three main components: the Media Factory CMS, Applications and the API. Each are handled differently with respect to upgrades.

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