Your Media Community was likely installed for you. Now you need to configure it.
Channels Setup

Channels are used to keep different types of media separate. This is important for filtering in the application as well as reporting. Channels also govern geo-fencing.

Tip: Check out the article about groups, channels and collections on the Filemobile Blog.

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Collections are like playlists, and have lots of uses in Media Factory applications. In order to get up and running with the Media Community application, you need to create at least one collection for featured content.

To create a collection, visit the Media > Collections section of Media Factory:

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There are a number of system emails that are going to be sent out to your users. You can customize the copy and graphics in the emails by visiting the Email templates section of your application:

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Global Vars

In addition to managing language translations for multilingual websites, the Translator tool also manages global variables.

Open the translator section of the application inside Media Factory and open the var section:

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Responding Domains Setup

One of the first things that you will likely ask yourself is, "how do I see the website?" By default, the application has probably been set up on a URL similar to http://your-app.projects.fm. This URL is configurable in the Settings section of your application.

First, visit the application settings for your application:

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The Media Factory application template system includes a powerful translation tool. Each application has its own table of translations that can be found in the Translator section:

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Webcam Recorder

The webcam recorder is a widget which allows users to record video entries via their webcam, on the contest Enter page. It can be installed and configured on the "Widgets" section of Media Factory:

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