There are a number of system emails that are going to be sent out to your users. You can customize the copy and graphics in the emails by visiting the Email templates section of your application:

registrationThe email that will be sent when users register on your site. Plain text by default, but you can use the HTML wrapper to really wow them.
Media added to GroupThis email is sent to group members when content arrives. This is handy for notifying different groups of moderators.
Media Approved (en/fr)This is an HTML email that is sent to the user once their content has been approved by moderators. We've provided you with both an English and French version. Set the appropriate email in the channel configuration.
tellafriendThis is the email that is sent when users click to email a file from the media detail page.
lostpasswordThis email contains instuctions and a system-generated link to reset a user's password.

Tip: You can find information on the variables available in the system email templates in the Developer Documentation.


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