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Below is a table describing the graphic elements that need to be considered when designing your application:

Creative elementDescription
sprite.pngThis sprite image is used for menu bar items, tabs, icons, form buttons, pager, and search box. Change the path in design.css.
corners.pngThis sprite image is used for the menu bar background, tab contents background, and the top and bottom of the various boxes. Change the path in design.css.
backgrounds.pngThis sprite image contains the small, medium and large content box backgrounds that will tile vertically. Change the path in design.css.
toutsTouts are the big call-to-action graphics at the top of the home and group pages, below the navigation. Change the path in the /home template and configure your groups to each have their own tout.
pager.pngThese are the arrows used on the rotating galleries on the homepages. You can get the layered version from sprite.png.
Buttons.pngThis sprite is used for the next and previous buttons on /mediadetail page. Change the path in design.css. Note: these buttons will be added to sprite.png eventually.


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