Included in the Media Community templates are four CSS files: global.css, reset.css, base.css and lightwindow.css

global.cssThis stylesheet calls the other three CSS files. It is called by our cssloader in the header of application.
layout.cssThis stylesheet contains a standard browser CSS reset.
base.cssThis stylesheet contains all the layout styles for the boxes.
design.cssThis stylesheet holds all of the design styles, including links to the sprites.
comments.cssThis stylesheet holds all of the styles for comments.

Caution: While you are free to edit any of the CSS as much as you'd like, there are a few things that may be better left alone. Inside base.css, any style that appears before where the sprite included has to do with the overall structure of the site, the three different box sizes and the thumbnail layout. There probably won't be a need to change anything in here except the colours and thumbnail background image URL


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