Responding Domains Setup

One of the first things that you will likely ask yourself is, "how do I see the website?" By default, the application has probably been set up on a URL similar to This URL is configurable in the Settings section of your application.

First, visit the application settings for your application:

Domains are configured on the first tab: General.

Tip: To use your own domain, create a CNAME to and enter your domain in the Application Settings section. Media Factory takes care of the rest.

On the General tab, you can change the name of the application and edit the responding domains. You can also add additional domains to the list. For example, if you are hosting a website in multiple languages, you would configure on URL for each language with a corresponding language parameter beside the domain name (en). When that URL is requested, the application is automatically displayed in the appropriate language. For more information on the translator, see Translation.

Application nameThe name of the application. Tip: Using the URL as the Application name makes it easier to identify in lists and in WebDAV environments.
Main application domainThis domain name will be used to determine links to your application, in for example RSS feeds. It must match one of the responding domains below. Do not include 'http://'.
Responding domainsAdd in any subdomains (or additional domains) and languages that should link to your application. The second field is a 2-letter ISO countrycode for the translated language you want to use for this domain. Do not include 'http://'."
GMaps keyThe GMaps Key field is only used in legacy, pre-3.0 applications using the deprecated Google Maps API V2. Newer apps don't require this key, and this field can be left blank. You can still get a key at
FB App IDThe Facebook App ID that is associated with that domain. For more information on setting up Facebook, see Facebook Setup below.
FB SecretThe Facebook Secret key that is associated with that domain. For more information on setting up Facebook, see Facebook Setup below.
Report Offensive EmailWebsite users can report media and comments as offensive. These reports are sent to the email address entered here.

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