Release Notes


  • Video Review Application
  • Simulive Video Training Application
  • Quiz after videos to validate users engagement
  • Media Manager tool for Video production teams

Client Transfer Engine
  • JWPlayer Support
  • Very robust 2 way integration with Widen
  • Scheduled Publishing
Gamification Engine
  • Ability to award coupons and certificates
  • New milestone concept award when a defined set of criteria is achieved
  • Ability to control the order of processing of game actions.
  • Ability to grant rewards based on % of video watched.


  • PHP 7.4 Migration
  • Ability to archive media by user, channel or group
  • Improvements to caching system
  • Survey and Quiz Ability added to the custom meta data
  • Asset Manager improvements
  • Ability to generate WebP thumbnails
  • Better embed codes, support VTT/SRT Subtitles if provided
  • Filter options on bulk edit metadata page
  • Image resizer support for PNG images
  • Encryption improvements
  • More UTF8 Improvements
  • Customizable CSV media report
  • Ability for admins to add their own Platform level users
  • Ability for admins to schedule deletion of users
  • Support for CR2 Raw files
  • List View on Media Overview
  • Notice if original file is not available
  • Locale/Language selection at Template Level.
  • Fix for videos with watermarks failing if video had no audio track.
  • Ability to set YouTube Thumbnail and Subtitles
  • Fix to YouTube playlist additions, to ensure to remove the video from the playlist before adding it, if it exists already, avoiding multiple copies of the same video in the same playlist.
  • Sharing Media Action
  • Redesign of meta data configuration page.
  • Fix to friends list.
  • Empty Trash option to permanently delete content.
  • Ability to Queue Users for deletion.
  • Slack integration
  • Improved password reset
  • Contest Launcher Application.
White Label Improvements
  • Better translator integration
  • Survey support post video
  • Ability to control video ability based on survey completion
  • Mouseover previews in contest.
  • Quiz support added to Video Portal

Notification Engine
  • API Trigger Option
  • Ability to link notifications to game actions
  • More system variables available for use in templates such as parentmedia and user2
Template System
  • IfCanDisplay Logic applicable to media
  • Improvements to DefaultMetaData component to support Survey's and quizzes 
Gamification Engine
  • Points logic can be customized using template logic
  • A slew of new actions supported
  • Ability to link to mobile notifications

  • groups.createGroup - Ability to associate cost
  • media.getFiles - Retrieve children and their children.
  • media.getFiles - support for 'shuffle' order
  • media.insertTextFile - Ability to associate cost
  • users.getConnections - ability to discover existing project users by email or phone list
  • Ability to choose between empty Objects or Arrays when using json services.
  • vhost.validateSurvey -  Ability to send user answers, and receive a response providing incorrect answers
  • users.inviteUsers - Allow users to invite other users to enter challenge or contest, and receive a notice when invited user joins


Some new features, and minor fixes the previous major launch.

API Changes

Platform Changes



Platform Improvements



White Label


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