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Transfer to Ooyala

The Media Factory UGC management system provides end-user uploads, a powerful moderation workflow and a variety of interactive applications to complement the Ooyala Backlot platform.


Here is everything you need to know to use Media Factory as a UGC front-end for Backlot:


Configure FTP

When videos are uploaded to Media Factory, they can then be sent to your Backlot account. This keeps all of your video assets under one roof for analytics and ad serving.

To configure Media Factory to send videos to Ooyala, you will need the following information:


  • hostname URL: ex.
  • FTP username
  • FTP password
  • Publisher ID


Videos can be pushed to Ooyala using one of the following trigger events:

  • Automatically: All videos will be transferred immediately once they have arrived in Media Factory
  • Manually: Videos will only be transferred when you manually click the 'transfer to...' button from the Media Detail or Overview page
  • On Approval: Video is transferred only when it has been approved by a moderator (approve button clicked)
  • On Upload Complete: Video is transferred when the original file has completed uploading
  • Custom Callback: Video is transferred only by logic implemented within a callback script



For the Transfer Profile Configuration How-To, read: How to Configure FTP Upload


Tags and Custom Fields

Tags will be processed as is and sent over to Ooyala as Ooyala tags in the manifest.

To pass Ooyala custom fields, prefix Media Factory metadata with ooyala:. For example, if the name of your Ooyala custom field is categories and the value is Sports, you would create and populate the metadata field in Media Factory as ooyala:categories with the value Sports.



Reserved Title Keywords

This is a list of Ooyala Reserved keywords:

  • start-date
  • end-date
  • active
  • flash-prebumper-refid
  • economic-type
  • ad-keys
  • thumbnail-refid
  • video-still-refid
  • allow-viral-syndication
  • overlay-update
  • exclude-listed-countries


Using these keywords in with the ooyala: prefix will allow you to set certain values within the Ooyala Manifest.


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