Walk-throughs explaining how to embed, modify, download and specify parameters for media files.

Articles by popularity: How to create Custom Tabs, XMP, IPTC, and EXIF Data, Moderating Media,


Learn how to create channels, events, groups and collections, as well as how to use each to organize your users and content.

Articles by popularity: Setting up and configuring Google Maps, Providing/Implementing Graphics, Forms of Documentation,


There is a lot of information available from your New Spark Media App. Find stats on users, media, and usage.

Articles by popularity: Votes and Views,


How to create and edit user accounts, groups, and events.

Articles by popularity: The 2 Types of User Accounts, Assign Media to a Different User,


Manage project configuration such as email, storage and voting rules.

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From setting up your project in basecamp, to communicating with our team to working with your own graphics, this section covers a broad range of topics.

Articles by popularity: FTP into New Spark Media Platform, Get Help, FTP out of New Spark Platform,


Articles by popularity: Transfer to Brightcove,

New Spark Media Platform Code Reference

Application templates, Email templates, form actions, and default wrapper documentation for Media Factory hosted applications.

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Articles by popularity: Transfer to YouTube,