Social Hub

Step 1 - Connect Social Network Accounts

  • Different social networks require that we connect an account in order to search for publicly listed posts. You can use any Social Account at your convenience. This is a one time setup which is done at the very beginning.


Step 2 - Create a hashtag to track!

  • Simply enter any hashtag you wish to track and posts will be ingested on an ongoing basis.


Social Hub Settings


Moderation Workflow

Once you create a feed, you can choose whether to:

1. Queue all new posts for moderation, which means any new post that is ingested must be vetted and approved before it is published. Simply hover over posts to APPROVE or DENY them.

2. Let all posts be published automatically, which means all posts that are ingested will be automatically published and available wherever you have embedded your feed. However, you can still DENY posts by hovering and clicking the deny button, which will remove posts from your feed.

Design & Embed Code

The Width and Height settings are optional as the feed will take up the entire container wherever it is embedded, and will be fully responsive.

When are you finished, simply copy and paste your embed code into your site.


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