Dynamic Image Resizer

This article is meant for developers, those with an understanding of HTML, and/or familiarity with New Spark application templates. The image resizer allows you to generate images of any size on the fly. You can try different widths and heights until you find a size that is compatible with your design. This simplifies the process of creating different size images for various devices.







Make an image 400 pixels wide

Make an image 400 pixels high

Make a grey scale version of the image, 400 pixels wide

Make an image 400 pixels wide, and increase the brightness by 150



Name Required Description
i Required Media ID of the image to be resized
Desired Width, if h is provided and w is not, width will be calculated
Desired Height, if w is provided and h is not, height will be calculated
Base transcoder profile to use, defaults to 15. If you require images larger than default 15 (560w), you can use profile 0 (zero) which uses the original upload
Filter you would like to apply
Filter argument



  • IMG_FILTER_NEGATE: Reverses all colors of the image.
  • IMG_FILTER_GRAYSCALE: Converts the image into grayscale.
  • IMG_FILTER_EDGEDETECT: Uses edge detection to highlight the edges in the image.
  • IMG_FILTER_EMBOSS: Embosses the image.
  • IMG_FILTER_GAUSSIAN_BLUR: Blurs the image using the Gaussian method.
  • IMG_FILTER_SELECTIVE_BLUR: Blurs the image.
  • IMG_FILTER_MEAN_REMOVAL: Uses mean removal to achieve a "sketchy" effect.
  • IMG_FILTER_BRIGHTNESS: Changes the brightness of the image. Use argument to set the level of brightness.
  • IMG_FILTER_CONTRAST: Changes the contrast of the image. Use argument to set the level of contrast.
  • IMG_FILTER_SMOOTH: Makes the image smoother. Use argument to set the level of smoothness.



Hits are not currently logged against images displayed using the resizer - this can be worked around using the media.logHit web service, or the <fm:LogHit> template component.

Files from the image resizer can be served through a CDN. Simply configure api.newspark.ca as the origin server. However, the CDN URLs will need to be hard-coded into your pages, since the image resizer URL is not yet integrated into our API - ie. the URL is not properly formed in the thumbUrl tag in the media.getFiles payload.

Image types: bmp/pcm/tiff/tif/pct do not support Original File Type as base type = 0


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