New Spark Media Platform Help

From setting up your project in basecamp, to communicating with our team to working with your own graphics, this section covers a broad range of topics.


What is Basecamp?

Basecamp is a project management tool used by Filemobile to communicate with clients that require support.

Note:  You can find an overview of Basecamp’s features on their main website:

Depending on the size of a project or the number of the people working on the project, read more »

Custom Transfer Manifests

The custom manifest option found in client transfers allows you build a file that fits your needs.

Now with a little bit of work, you can create a template that will accompany your media using the layout and content you choose to include.

Variables that are available to the manifest incude. {$media.*} {$user.*} and {$conversion.*}

conversion array read more »

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FTP into New Spark Media Platform

STEP 1: Acquire an FTP Client

Install an FTP client if you don't have one already (Filezilla, Cyberduck, etc.).

STEP 2: Connect

Establish your Host (server) connection to our Platform server 

  • The protocol will be FTP
  • Encryption: Use plain FTP
  • Logon type: normal

STEP 3: Configure

In the login read more »

FTP out of New Spark Platform

You can push media to an automated broadcast server or other server via FTP/SFTP/S3 with various workflows.

First, you will need to create a new Transfer Profile in Media Factory.

  • On the main navigation bar, select Settings > Transfers

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Get Help

T. 1.866.779.9215

When contacting us for support please provide:

  1. your name and contact
  2. the URL where you are experiencing difficulty
  3. steps to recreate the problem
  4. a screen shot of the problem, if applicable
  5. device and internet browser used

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Getting Started

New Spark Platform can help you collect and publish quality user-generated content in no time! We offer a complete set of tools to help you build and manage your UGC campaigns.

New Spark Platform is built on three key pillars:

  1. Upload read more »
Media Page Settings & View

You can set your preferences for how lists are displayed on various pages in Media Factory. Always look for the gear wheel on the following pages:

  1. Dashboard
  2. Media Overview
  3. Members
  4. Member Details
  5. Channel Detail
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Requesting Platform User Accounts

If you need to give project members access to New Spark Platform, you'll need to submit an email request to Platform Support with the following details:

  1. First name, Last name
  2. Email address
  3. Project name or vhost number
  4. Level of access; Administrator or Moderator
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