Think of collections as media playlists that can be organized manually, or automatically based on pre-set parameters. We also offer the ability to manage collections programmatically using the collections API methods.


Manual Collections

Manual collections are completely editorial in that they require the content moderator, or other Media Factory user to manually assign content to that collection. In this way, their content and order can be completely customized.



The order in which media is displayed can also be manually set by dragging and dropping items in your collection list



Viewing Manual Collection Properties

There are two default properties for all manual collections: Automatically Active and Add to Top.

If a collection is set to Automatically Active, all media that is added to it is immediately viewable on the front-end display. If this property is not set for a collection, then media added to the collection is set to pending, and you must manually make it active for it to appear on the website.

Note: To move media between active and pending, on the Manual Collection page, click the  icon. To move media between pending and active, click the  icon. To delete media from the collection, click the  icon.

If the Add to Top property is selected all new media is added to the top of the collection list. You can then reorder the media by clicking and dragging the item to a new place in the list.

To view or change these manual collection properties: from the Collections screen, click the manual collection title. On the Manual Collection page, click the 'Info' button.


Saved Search Collections

Saved Search collections use pre-set filters to determine which media will be added to the collection. Saved Searches can be displayed in ascending or descending order and be sorted according to upload date, view count, votes, etc.

The content in your Saved Search collection will continuously update as new media files matching the filters are uploaded.


Create a Collection


To create a new collection, follow these steps:

  1. Using the main navigation, go to Media > Collections
  2. From the Collections screen, click 'New'
  3. Specify the collection name, description, and type
  4. Once you're all set, click 'Create'
  5. Note the collection ID (beside the name) for use with the API


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