Media methods allow you display, create, remove and manipulate media content in New Spark Media Platform.

Begin a multi part upload with a call to this method, it will return an ID that will need to be used by either completeMultiPartUpload or abortMultiPartUpload.

Note:Minimum chunk size is 5M

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Use this method to delete file(s) from the system.

This method removes any cached data for media.getFileInfo ONLY if media.getFileInfo is called with no user ID and returnComments set to false. If media.getFileInfo is called with a user ID or returnComments set to true then stale data may be returned until the cache is refreshed. This will occur automatically after a read more »


Returns all the comments for a given media file.

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Returns a list with information about the specified file.

If the userid parameter is supplied the uservote item is also returned, which contains the vote/rating the user made on the file (if any).

If you are not authenticated using the API key, you will only be able to retrieve information on moderated media.

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Returns a list of media based on provided parameters.

The actual return value is a struct with the totalCount and data properties. totalCount contains the number of items that would have been returned if there was no offset or limit specified.

pageSize has a maximum value of 500 - ie. no more than 500 media items will ever be returned from a single call read more »


Retrieve a list of tags for a media item.

This method returns an array containing a tag, hits and count key.

The response of this method can be sorted on 'tag', 'count' (for the number of occurrences of the tag) and 'hits' for the popularity of the tag.

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This method provides you with a signed URL that you can then use to upload directly to the Filemobile Amazon bucket where original files are stored, once the upload is complete you must use the media.uploadCompleted method to trigger the system to begin conversion of this file.

The fileData array, must contain type, and filename fields, an example of a valid type would be video/mp4, or read more »


Returns if a user has rated or voted for a specific file.

If the user has rated, this function will return the rating; If the user hasn't already it will return false.

We will also return the appropriate error message if the MID or the UID are incorrect or not found in our system.

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Use this method to log a hit (aka view) on a media item.

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Sets the moderation status for a file.

Visit the article about moderation for more information.

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Use to transcribe Video or Audio Media into text ( subtitles )

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Changes the properties of a media item.

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Use this method to vote on the media item.

Voting on a media works in either of 2 ways:
1) Voting as a logged in user: this is done when uid is passed to the function or the user is actually logged in.
2) Making anonymous votes without reCaptcha.

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