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Votes and Views

Check out the number of views or votes a media item has received. You can do this a few ways: from the Media Overview page, Media Details, or through Reports.

To See Votes or Views on the Media Overview Page:

  1. Go to > Media using the top nav
  2. Once on the Media Overview page, select the gear wheel button in the upper right    to edit the viewing preferences

  1. Under the 'Columns' section is where you will find views and votes
  2. Click 'Save' and close the gear wheel
  3. Select the list view from the 2 view options (just to the left of the gear wheel)

Note:  You must be in list view, not thumbnail view, in order to see the votes and views data columns

Always verify that you are in the proper moderation category to view the desired items (unmoderated, approved, denied, trashed and all)

To See Votes and Views Using the Media Details Page:

  1. From the top navigation bar, select > Media
  2. On the Media Overview page, double-click a media item

On the Media Details page you can see the views and vote count of a media item under the Stats section on the right rail. Other stats include:

  1. Uploaded: upload date and time
  2. Created: date the item was created
  3. Status: Queued, Converted, Failed
  4. Privacy: Hidden or shown
  5. Extension: File type extension
  6. Dimensions: Dimensions of the original file
  7. File Size: size of the image
  8. Moderation: Unmoderated, approved, denied, or trashed
  9. Channel: Channel in which the item was stored
  10. Views: Number of views
  11. Origin: Web upload, email
  12. Rating: Rating of the media item
  13. Votes: Number of votes received
  14. Comments: Amount of comments posted to this item
  15. External ID: external ID of a media item

Some projects will also include software type and version, camera used, browser info, and Upload URL 

To See Votes and Views Through Reports:

  1. In the Navigation bar, select Reports > Views
  2. Adjust the filters to pull the Report you want by changing:
  3. Date Range
  4. Channel
  5. Media type
  6. Moderation status
  7. View by day, week, or month
  8. Click the downward arrow located on the upper-right of the graph to download the .csv file and open in Excel, Libre Office or your favourite spreadsheet program


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