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Returns an array of friends for the specified user ID along with the users basic user information.


array friends.getFriends ( int uid = 1, array statuses = array(), int start = 0, int count = 50 )


NameTypeRequiredDefault valueDescription
uidintOptional1The user ID you want their friends returned back to you.
statusesarrayOptionalarray()list of statuses you want returned.
startintOptional0Starting location of list of friends to return
countintOptional50Amount of users to have returned default 50


This is the content of the array for each user that will be returned on success of the request.

idINTThe ID of the user.
friendstatusINTThe friend status between the supplied user ID and the returned user.
Possible values are 2 = friendship requested (status from user1 perspective is waiting, status from user2 perspective is notconfirmed) and 3 = confirmed (friendship status is confirmed).
userSTRINGThe username of the users friend.
websiteSTRINGThe website of the users friend.
firstnameSTRINGThe firstname of the users friend.
lastnameSTRINGThe lastname of the users friend.
nicknameSTRINGThe nickname of the users friend.
countrySTRINGThe 2-letter country code of the users friend.
avatarINTThe ID of the friend's avatar.

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