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Use this method to vote on the media item.

Voting on a media works in either of 2 ways:
1) Voting as a logged in user: this is done when uid is passed to the function or the user is actually logged in.
2) Making anonymous votes without reCaptcha.


mixed(array/null) media.vote ( int mid, int vote, mixed recaptcha = false, int uid = NULL, int APIKEY = NULL )


NameTypeRequiredDefault valueDescription
midintRequirednone The ID of the media on which the user is voting.
voteintRequirednone The vote value 1 = positive vote, 0 = negative vote that the user is casting on the media item.
recaptchamixedOptionalfalse This argument is an associative array with a challenge and response key.

Note: The reCaptcha argument is optional when passing a user id (uid) but must be used when not passing a user id, which occurs when allowing anonymous voting on media.
uidintOptionalNULL The id of the user that has voted.
Note 1: The passed $uid takes precedence over a logged-in user's id.
Note 2: A valid APIKEY must be provided along with the $uid.
APIKEYintOptionalNULL A valid APIKEY to be provided only if the $uid is provided.


The responses returned by the getFileInfo service call. Below is a list of all the information returned for a piece of media using the media.getFileInfo service call.

NameDescriptionPossible Values
idThe media ID of the requested media.INT
statusThe upload status of the media ID requested.0,1,2,3
contenttypeThe mimetype of the file, for example: audio/mp3.MIMETYPE
filetypeThe filetype of the requested media item.0,1,2,3,4
contextThe context of the media item. This will be if it is a note, comment, entry etc. 0,1,2,3
filenameThe original file name of the uploaded media item.string/empty
injectorA user-defined string, allows tracking where a file was inserted from.videomixer, feedImporter2, httpupload, MediaFactory.com
hitsThe number of views the media received.INT
messageThe message of the media item.STRING
dateThe date and time for when the file started to be uploaded into MediaFactory.YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS
titleThe title of the media item.STRING
tagsAll the tags associated with the piece of media. Each tag is separated by a space.STRING
extensionThe original file extension of the uploaded media item. An example would be png.STRING
sender The email address, populated by the email injector.STRING
metadataAn ARRAY for any additional information that is to be stored with the media item. It is stored as an associated array in this field.{'user' : {'key' : 'value'}}
uidThe ID of the user who uploaded the media into the system.INT
filesizeThe size of the file, in bytes.INT
ofilesizeThe original filesize of the media in KB.INT
uploadThe upload date of the when the file was first uploaded into MediaFactory.YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS
locationThe server location of the uploaded media item.STRING (s3, fmlocal, fmdevs3)
originallocationThe location of where the original file is stored.s3, fmlocal, fmdevs3
moderationstatusThe current moderation status of the file.0,1,2,3,-1
widthThe original width of the file in pixels.INT
heightThe original height of the file in pixels.INT
lengthThe duration of the file in as a floating point number in seconds. (example: 187.33, for 3 minutes, 7 seconds)NUMBER
conversiontimeThe time it took to convert the file.INT(seconds)
converttimeThe date and time the transcoding of the file was completed.YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS
lastupdatetimeThe date and time of the last update which was made to the file.YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS
ratingThe rating of the file.INT
votecountThe vote count of the file.INT
externalidThis is the third party ID of the file; it is available only if the file is hosted by one of our partners, such as Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Brightcove, Widen and Ooyala.

The external id does not always state the external id provider.

It is equal to the primary media externalids reference, with the provider being stated in the reference, while in the externalids the provider is stored in the array as `external_id_provider`.

instagram_image:678386240811661326_1187731501ments ( Brightcove ). This does not state the external id provider.
parentidThe parent ID of the media item. This would be specified if the media item was a comment. This would be the ID of the media which the commented was made on. INT
originalLocationThe location of where the original file is stored.s3, fmlocal, fmdevs3
user_nameThe user name of the submitter.STRING
user_emailThe email of the submitter.STRING
user_countryThe 2-letter country code of the submitter.STRING
user_cityThe city of the submitter.empty,STRING
user_stateThe 2-letter state or province code of submitter.STRING
user_nicknameThe submitter's nickname.STRING
user_firstnameThe submitter's firstname.empty,STRING
user_lastnameThe last name of the user who uploaded the file.STRING
urlThe URL that could be associated with a media item. STRING
vhostThe ID of the vhost which the file belongs to.INT
languageThe 2-character ISO language code.STRING
channelThe channel ID the file is a member of.INT
channel_shortnameThe given short name the file is a member of.STRING (sample_shortname)
channel_nameThe channel name the file belongs to. STRING
channelleftThe position INT of the channel relative to walking a left channel tree.INT
geo_latitudeThe latitude of the file. This is added via dropping the pin on the map upon upload.NUMBER (62.86)
geo_longitudeThe longitude of the file. This is added via dropping the pin on the map upon upload.NUMBER (-52.44)
hiddenThe visibility of the file.HIDDEN, SHOWN, or ALL
commentcountThe total number of comments made on the file.INT
approvedcommentsThe total number of approved comments made on the file.INT
notdeniedcommentsThe total number of not denied comments made on the file.INT
publicUrlThe publicly accessible url of the media item. This url will log a hit on the piece of media.STRING
thumbUrlthe publicly accessible url used only as a thumbnail for the piece of media. Using the thumb url will NOT log a hit on the media item.STRING
moderationdeniedidThe moderation reason for being denied.Possible values for denied reasons are 0-14. Exact reasons are available in our glossary.

Sample Response

Sample REST Response
http://api.newspark.ca/services/rest/media/vote?mid=[MEDIA_ID]&vote=[1 or 0]&recaptcha=[TRUE/FALSE]

// To be added later

Sample JSON Response
    "status": true,
    "result": {
        "id": MEDIA_ID,
        "status": 3,
        "contenttype": "image/jpeg",
        "filetype": 1,
        "context": 1,
        "filename": "316911_10150323267562762_165749722761_8170951_475289856_n.jpeg",
        "injector": "httpupload",
        "hits": 3,
        "message": "MEDIA_DESCRIPTION",
        "date": "2012-02-13 16:35:09",
        "title": "MEDIA_TITLE",
        "tags": "",
        "extension": "jpeg",
        "sender": "",
        "author": "",
        "metadata": "a:1:{s:4:\"exif\";a:7:{s:8:\"FileName\";s:9:\"phpC1hTFe\";s:12:\"FileDateTime\";i:1329168909;s:8:\"FileSize\";i:37193;s:8:\"FileType\";i:2;s:8:\"MimeType\";s:10:\"image/jpeg\";s:13:\"SectionsFound\";s:7:\"COMMENT\";s:7:\"COMMENT\";a:1:{i:0;s:1:\"*\";}}}",
        "uid": USER_ID,
        "filesize": 37193,
        "ofilesize": 51456,
        "upload": "2012-02-13 16:35:09",
        "location": "fmdevs3",
        "originallocation": "",
        "privacy": 0,
        "moderationstatus": 0,
        "width": 586,
        "height": 394,
        "length": "0.00",
        "conversiontime": "2.07566",
        "converttime": "2012-02-13 16:35:14",
        "lastupdatetime": "2012-02-15 09:58:28",
        "offensive": 0,
        "autoblog": "0",
        "rating": 10,
        "votecount": 1,
        "externalid": "",
        "parentid": 0,
        "originalLocation": "",
        "user_name": "USER_NAME",
        "user_email": "USER_EMAIL_ADDRESS",
        "user_country": "CA",
        "user_city": "Toronto",
        "user_state": "ON",
        "user_nickname": "",
        "user_firstname": "USER_FIRSTNAME",
        "user_lastname": "USER_LASTNAME",
        "url": "",
        "vhost": VHOST_ID,
        "rotation": 0,
        "language": "",
        "channel": 0,
        "channel_shortname": null,
        "channel_name": null,
        "channelleft": 0,
        "geo_latitude": null,
        "geo_longitude": null,
        "originalsaved": 1,
        "hidden": "SHOWN",
        "commentcount": 0,
        "approvedcomments": 0,
        "notdeniedcomments": 0,
        "publicUrl": "http://fmdevs3.filemobile.com/storage/MEDIA_ID",
        "thumbUrl": "http://fmdev.s3.amazonaws.com/storage/MEDIA_ID",
        "moderationdeniedid": 0

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