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Adding a Denied Reason

New Spark Platform allows you to select a media denied reason which, when selected, will notify users the reason their submission has been denied. If email notifications have been enabled for your project, then an email will be sent directly to the media owner

The reasons are as listed below:

  1. Copyright infringement
  2. Duplicate
  3. Inappropriate content
  4. Invalid Content
  5. Incompatible filetype
  6. Other (Do not send email)

You can also edit the message in the Media Denied email template for any application

To Edit the Media Denied Template:

  1. In the Navigation bar, select Applications > Applications
  2. On the Applications page, select the application you want to edit
  3. Under Sections, choose Email Templates

  1. Under Email Templates, select Media Denied
  2. In this email template, switch cases are used to send the appropriate denied reason to a user.

For example:

<fm:Switch value=”{$$deniedReason}”>

<fm:Case value=“Incompatible filetype”>


Although the Media Denied reasons that are available for selection from the Media detail page cannot be switched, the copy that is sent to the user once a reason is picked can be customized to this way


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