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Setting up and configuring Google Maps

If you implement the Google Maps tool, your website users will be able to share their location and the location of their submissions on an interactive map.

Note: You can customize Google Maps, if necessary ;however, you should discussit with your Account Manager from Filemobile.

To setting up Google Maps API:

  1. Go to the Google Maps API Generator page and follow the instructions:

Note: New domains require a new Google Maps API because they are URL specific.

  1. Copy the generated API key.
  2. In Media Factory, in the Navigation bar, select Applications>Applications.
  3. On the Applications page, s elect an application.
  4. Under Sections, click Settings .
  5. On the Application Settings page, in the GMaps API field for the appropriate URL, paste the generated Google Maps API key.

Removing Google Maps from a page

You should comment out the Google Map function by using <!—Maps Code-- >

Adding Google Maps to a page

To add a map to a page,add the following function:


lat="Add Latitude Number of Default Location"

long=" Add Longitude Number of Default Location






To edit the map:

To edit the map on a page, you must find the map div in the appropriate template.

Use your browser’s Find function to find map in the code. You can edit the following options:

  1. Lat: Latitude of a specific location.
  2. Long: Longitude of a specific location.
  3. Zoom: 0-18 zoom capacity .

Note:For more information:

  1. Width: Size can be a percentage (to fit within the frame) or in pixels.
  2. Height: Size can be a percentage (to fit within the frame) or in pixels.
  3. Search: True allows users to use the locate box and False removes that function.
  4. Controls: Displays the controls to edit a search. The check box options are media, photos, videos, audio and /or text.

Note: You can editing the check box options in the sub_map template.


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